Jenny Johnson Band

Cornerstone Cabins, 772 Godwin Rd. , Pomona, IL

A reunion and a mixing of generations old and new that have a common bond in Southern Illinois. Halloween was/is a special celebration that inspires. The celebration located in the Shawnee National forest in Pomona, Illinois is family friendly and meant to foster camraderie between many generations. Join family and friends this October 27th thru 31st. for this outdoor, camping, Halloween celebration at CornerStone Cabins (near the Pomona natural bridge) for 4 days of Bands, Costume and Campground decoration contests, Star Gazing and Bonfires in the Heart of the Shawnee National Forest. Rooms available, campers and tents welcome. $30 for all 4 days, $10 dollars a day. PayPal (superbillmf45@yahoo.com) Contact me for details or check out our event, Halloween 2016 for more details!