Summer Sundown Music Festival

Larson's Landing, 8724 E Marine Rd, Effingham, IL

Summer Sundown is a celebration of our Central/Southern Illinois music scene, with two days of music from bands haling from Champaign to Carbondale and everywhere in between...along with two AMAZING headliners from Memphis and Nashville.

Summer Sundown would like to welcome: Southern Avenue - Memphis, TN Steve Poltz - Nashville, TN Matt Poss Band - Effingham, IL Jenny Johnson Band - Carbondale, IL Bones Jugs - Urbana, IL John Spicer and The Fightin' Side - Patoka, IL The Surviving Members - Effingham, IL Fiona Kimble - Champaign, IL Bill Poss and the Useful Tools - Effingham, IL Local Honey - Effingham, IL Todd Hazelrigg Music - Charleston, IL Mountain King - Cisne, IL Tim Crosby & the Lightning Strikes - Carbondale, IL Taylor Steele & The Love Preachers - Efffingham, IL Bathtub Hooch Band - Effingham, IL The Greyhounds - Effingham, IL Elastic Waist Band - Greenville, IL ...and more to come!